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Internship Applications for the period of May 2010 - August 2010 are closed.

An internship or voluntary assignment with HRLN is a challenging and interesting experience for those committed to human rights and social justice in India. We offer an exciting opportunity to participate in movements for social change and we welcome people from all disciplines to contribute to our initiatives. Please go to our website, (www.hrln.org), check out the Initiatives, also look at the IPT and Combat Law websites (www.iptindia.org, www.combatlaw.org) and choose an area of work closest to your heart. We are very flexible. Some interns and volunteers have suggested areas of work that we had not thought of before.

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Wanted: Internship for Pilot training project


We seek applications from people with a commitment to human rights (in the broadest sense of the term as the struggle against injustice everywhere), an interest in social and legal issues and an eagerness to interact, learn and teach. Applicants should have good research, writing and communications skills. Applicants should be reliable and organized while also maintaining the enthusiasm and energy needed to complete projects in a timely manner. We are particularly interested in persons with legal, human rights, social work, health and communications backgrounds, but we take in persons from other fields as well.

What We Offer Our Interns

Our program is designed to provide interns with exposure to the legal and social aspects of public interest work, thereby allowing them to develop skills and an insight into how law and social activism combined can achieve practical benefits for the working people and the poor. Interns & volunteers are assigned to work with a specific unit based on their interests and unit needs. Each is given an individual project to complete during his/her tenure at the HRLN. Internship duties often include factual and legal research relating to our initiatives, drafting public interest petitions, fact-findings, publications, communications including the website, writing and publications, and the organizing of workshops and conferences. Interns will also be responsible for some general administrative duties. They will have the opportunity to travel to different regions for assignments.

What We Expect Of Our Interns

Interns & volunteers are an integral part of our dynamic team and we greatly value their efforts, creativity and contributions. In providing our interns with a challenging, friendly and fulfilling experience, we expect that in return interns will behave in a professional and responsible manner during their time with the HRLN. All interns must be willing to make a minimum commitment of six weeks. During this period they will be assigned a supervisor with whom they will interact and report. At the end of the internship period they are expected to handover all the documents and materials to HRLN and submit a report to their supervisor. They will also be requested to fill out a feedback form.

India, like any developing country, is full of ups and downs. It is generally very welcoming. Having said that there are situations which are unpredictable and may cause hardship. HRLN therefore only provides an opportunity for persons to study and to engage with the tumultuous changes taking place in the country. Although we are careful, we cannot take responsibility in any way for the safety or security of any person. Nor can HRLN assume any liability for any action of any interns/volunteer. Interns are at liberty to refuse any assignment to travel outside the office assigned to them and may also decline any work which they feel compromises their safety.

HRLN is unable to pay or reimburse any intern/volunteer for their travel, food and accommodation expenses. In certain cases, volunteers have been given employment contracts.


Our work is made possible through your generous support. Everyday, HRLN units across the country are called upon to act on a range of issues impacting the rights of the poor and marginalized. Using litigation, education, and publication to create awareness and fight against human rights violations, the focus remains on sustaining a network for immediate, effective and collective action.

For International Universites / Partners and Agencies seeking positions for their students/fellows to work in India with us, a minimum 500 $ contribution will be highly appreciated.

For Indian Universities/Institutions seeking internship placement with HRLN we invite applications who can contribute a minimum 1000 Indian rupees.

Process of Applying

Please apply to internships@hrln.org , with your CV, filled up Application Form and a Letter of Recommendation from one of your University Professors/ Supervisor and address your application to the ‘Socio Legal Information Center’ strictly in the subject line of your email including all the correspondence related to your application.

Expenses, Travel & Accomodation

Every year HRLN hosts approximately 50 interns at our units in various parts of the country.


HRLN through Students for Human Rights (SHR) will offer scholarships for students who belong to the marginalized sections of the Indian social strata such as Dalits, Tribals, and Muslims. The amount and period of these scholarships vary on a case to case basis. Applicants interested in availing of this scholarship need to fill in the Scholarship Application form available at the top of this page. Applicants can also e-mail their queries to internships@hrln.org .

We would also be interested in receiving a writing sample in English or any other Indian language. We advise that you submit your application at least one month prior to your anticipated start date to provide sufficient time for review. Intern selections are based on both qualifications and specific unit needs. We encourage applicants from underrepresented groups such as adivasis and dalits.

We encourage applicants from underrepresented groups such as adivasis and dalits.

Internship Co-ordinator
576, Masjid Road, Jungpura
New Delhi 110 014
Tel: 011-24374501
Email: internships@hrln.org

1st Floor, Motiwala Mansion,
56, Dontad Street (Damar Galli),
Mumbai 400 009
Tel: 022-23439651
Email: internship@ichrl.org

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