Supreme Court's Judgment on Sexual Harassment at Workplace

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After years of struggle , The Supreme Court of India has passed a judgmnent in the Medha Kotwal Lele case of sexual harrasment at workplace.

The Court in the order says " Lip service, hollow statements and  inert
and inadequate laws with sloppy enforcement are  not  enough  for  true  and
genuine upliftment of our half most precious population – the women." also directing the Bar Council of India , Medical Council of  India,   Council  of
Architecture, Institute  of  Chartered  Accountants,  Institute  of  Company
Secretaries  and  other  statutory  Institutes   shall   ensure   that   the
organisations,    bodies,    associations,    institutions    and    persons
registered/affiliated to follow the guidelines laid down by  Vishaka.

Read the full order here
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